Steering Committee EUKA

The steering committee of the Flemish drone cluster EUKA consists of the chairman, a team of representative companies, the Captains of the Drone Industry, the cluster team and a number of observers from federations, knowledge institutions and the Flemish Governement. The steering committee’s mission is managing the activity and planning of EUKA, whilst making sure that the cluster fulfills the needs of the drone industry.


Tom Willemen

Willemen Group

“Willemen Group is constantly building a better future. That is why I think it is important I take a leading role within the EUKA Drone Cluster, which is a perfect fit with our company vision. I want to help drone companies and drone end users to question all that exists in this new tech to better accommodate the fast changing market needs.

We need to have the ambition to bring together all the stakeholders in the drone industry. This way they can work together, share experiences en strive to be better time over time. EUKA will provide the ideal platform to do just that. But its succes will greatly depend on the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs such as myself.

The possibilities of the drone technology of the future is limited only by our imagination. And with that being said, I foresee many beautiful things in this business!”

Algemene Vergadering – EUKA vzw


De Algemene Vergadering van EUKA vzw zal plaatsvinden op dinsdag 20 november 2018.  Lees meer.

Captains of the Drone Industry


The Captains of the Drone Industry add their expertise to the EUKA steering committee. From their unique position as pioneers of the drone industry, they can help monitor the actions of the innovative dronecluster.

Peter Cosyn


Rob De Roo


Lieve Van Gijsel

Aetos Drones

Jürgen Verstaen


Stefaan Vandenberge


Vishal Punamiya


Jonas Van de Winkel

Argus Vision

Jack Waldeyer


Michael Maes


Knowledge Partners & Confederations


EUKA’s Knowledge Partners  & Confederations contribute with their expertise in innovation and technology in the set-up of numerous innovation projects within the new drone industry. Together with other actors in the drone community and in various sectors such as construction, agriculture, security, logistics, etc., their research perspective helps stimulating and supporting the innovative cooperation initiatives.

Nicolas Lewyckyj


Stefan Van Baelen


Lieven De Meyer

Flanders Make

Ilse Vermeulen


Tom De Schepper


Didier Venneman

Port of Antwerp

Jochen Colla




EUKA’s commercial partners also add their expertise to the EUKA steering committee, albeit from a very different point of view: that of an industry that is going to work with the new drone technology. They have knowledge of market segments in the various sectors such as construction, agriculture, security, logistics, etc., which enables us to be able to focus on exactly those projects and events that specifically support the drone industry.

Lode Peeters


Tom Hoogmartens

Hoogmartens Wegenbouw

Erik Lamoral


Alexander Laquiere

Willemen Group

Erwin Nouwen


Danny Vandormael

SERIS Security

Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen


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