EUKA wants to support in the acceleration, expansion and deepening of this new drone industry by being a ‘guide’ or ‘front office’ for the multiple companies and organisations involved.

In 2017 EUKA will work with a clusterteam that will concentrate on four main themes


We inform our members about the regulations concerning drones and we offer advice to the policy makers and the government based on our members’ input.


We want to bring together all the stakeholders in the drone industry. We achieve this online through social media as well as offline through events, workshops, seminars, etc…

Idea to Market

We encourage all the different communities to generate innovative ideas, in order to hatch them into market-ready concepts.

Global Market

Through foreign missions and via booths on several conventions we try to bring the Flemish drone-industry around the world.

Mark Vanlook

Drone Cluster Manager

[email protected]
+32 495 58 71 65

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Kevin Logist

Drone Community Manager

[email protected]
+32 472 42 05 79

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Sandy Dingemans

Drone Cluster Assistant

[email protected]
+32 11 96 27 31

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Francis Knudde

International Manager

[email protected]
+32 478 830 372

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Peter Dedrij

Manager DronePort

[email protected]
+32 494 50 66 60

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Ludo Guisson

Head of Training Syntra Limburg

[email protected]
+32 473 98 99 21

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Guy Verhoeven

Founder UAV Pro community

[email protected]
+32 478 56 34 79

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