EUKA wants to support in the acceleration, expansion and deepening of this new drone industry by being a ‘guide’ or ‘front office’ for the multiple companies and organisations involved.

EUKA – Enabling the Drone Industry

During the start-up phase of EUKA (2013-2016) it became clear that however there were plenty of promising drone applications, multiple obstacles and missing industry links make it difficult for the the European Drone Industry to outgrow this first phase.

For both the drone supplier as for the drone end user the industry is quite complex and relatively unknown.

What will make the European drone industry bloom and become internationally competitive?


There is a clear need for a more understandable and unified legislation synchronized with the needs of the professional market. In other words, how can we establish a good legislation that enables commercial drone applications without endangering citizens and violating their privacy.
Organizing and maintaining a safe drone air traffic is key (granting licenses to pilots, demonstration and test areas, registration and certification of drones, ...).
Gather all the knowledge in Europe to help create a international competitive drone economy.
There is also a need for matchmaking. For drone companies from both the supply and demand end, it is not easy to make a connection. How can they find the right business partner?
  • When a drone end user wants to buy a drone or a drone application, he is confronted with all the parameters related to this new industry. What is the best technology? What is legal? How safe is it? What about insurance and liability, when something goes wrong? What is the code of conduct in the air? This knowledge is present in Flanders today, but it is scattered and not very well organised.
  • The drone supplier is confronted by the same issues: the complex identity of this new economy cannot be underestimated. The development and the release of industrial drone applications requires the necessary knowledge in different areas: software, hardware, aerodynamica, composites, auto-pilot, remote control, ... There are also other aspects which have to be taken into account: safety, legislation, privacy, ... For starters and sme's it is not easy to unfold a winning business case without any help or collaboration.
Facilitate the internationalisation of this drone industry.  Drone suppliers are often startups or small sme's.  Competition is hard and international.  As our neighbouring countries have had an earlier approval of the drone law regulations, which is an advantage for the drone companies abroad.  Short-term action is required for our drone suppliers to be able to catch up.
How does EUKA address these needs?

From 2017 EUKA starts working with a fixed team of employees, a steering committee with the most important Captains of Industry and different communities. These communities focus on sharing of experience between all market stakeholders and on co-creation of innovative business ideas.

Through numerous events, learning networks, seminars, co-creative sessions and conventions EUKA wants to facilitate the knowledge and experience necessary to offer this new drone economy all opportunities.

EUKA tackles the needs of the drone industry, as explained above, together with the drone companies, the government and the different knowledge institutions. This results into advise to the government on drone policy and into guidance for the sme’s and start-ups in this sector.

We look at the product-market combinations in which we should invest, both on a short and long term. Together with all stakeholders we also reflect on the quite important question how we can position this new technology in our community? The social acceptance of drone technology will define the future of this industry.

Who are our members?

EUKA works according to the know Triple Helix model. In this way the drone cluster brings together the drone industry and the end users. Through partnerships with different federations, knowledge institutions and governments we offer them a unique business network. Our goal is to develop a broad platform for innovative, drone related ideas in Europe.


A few of the different industries which belong to our network.

End users: construction, surveillance, agriculture, transport, logistics, mapping, media, …

Drone industry: hardware, software, services, integrators, …

Partners: industry federations, knowledge institutions, government, …

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