We’ve only scraped the surface.

Drones are about to unleash a technological revolution in a multitude of industries.

The Innovative Enterprise Network EUKA unites entrepreneurs, policy makers and researchers to achieve one common goal: accelerating the European drone industry.

active EUKA-members in 2017

qualified drone-pilots in 2017

active researchers to develop new drone-tech in 2018

jobs in the drone industry by 2020

Drone Community

Follow the Drone Community online for inspiring interviews and the latest news on the drone industry.

Drone Convention

The Drone Convention clarifies the concrete usage of drones in all possible market segments. There is also an explanation on the latest developments in legislation and innovation, a well as some spectacular demonstrations.

Drone Hero Contest

This contest aims at bringing innovative drone companies into the spotlight so they find potential customers and/or partners to connect with.

Active drone network


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